Saturday, July 18, 2009

Poo! that smells.

Cliff left us early morning to take the kids through Braunston Tunnel and we all helped locking them through Braunston locks. We had Samuel for the day and he came onboard Derwent6 before they left. He didn't want to go in the dark and was frightened of the bats! We said our goodbyes at the top lock and walked back down the flight. We then thought we would have a pumpout at the marina as we had to turn anyway, but Samuel was not amused.
We then filled with water and waited for the motley crew to arrive from their trip through the tunnel. We waited and we waited...blimey where had they got too. Well it turned out they had got beached while trying to secure a loose BW boat which had come off it's moorings and with the use of the pole one of them nearly fell in.

When we were all back together we set off to find a spot in the country. We had good weather all day and guess what it rained as we set off. After Braunston it was nice to be back in the peace and quiet of the countryside. We played some games with the kids before retiring to bed.

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