Friday, July 10, 2009

Ahhh Diesel

Woke up to lovely sunshine this morning, so after some breakfast we headed off to Calcutt to get diesel, which was now reading one on the gauge. We don't worry because we carry a spare can of diesel in case we ever need it, but it's the agg of bleeding the system if you ever run out. We arrived at around lunch time and it had been reasonably quiet on the cut. We were able to go through the lock, fill with diesel and go back up to the junction with no traffic...amazing! We got a nice people watching spot right at the junction, it's fascinating what happens here with everybody getting in each others way, but it gave us a laugh! Two guys were putting up a banner and were chased off when they put their stake right into a wasps nest and they chased them half way across Wigrams marina.

We then had some lovely minty lamb chops before settling down to watch the last part of Torchwood.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

How much did you pay for the diesel, I bet it was a lot cheaper than Braunston, Last time I bought diesel at Calcutt they were quite happy about self declaration, I take it that is still the case.
We will probably head south on Monday, the boat is at Napton at the moment, in which case I will fill up in Banbury.

Anonymous said...

Ahh does that bring back memories, wasps flying everywhere ducking for cover the police all around (STING). And you take the mick out of unfortunate ones.


Del and Al said...

Hi Brian & Diana
Yep they are fine about self declaration, and at 62p (used to be 57p) not bad price, and you're right, a darn sight cheaper than Braunston!
Have a great trip