Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fishnets, Beer and Music

We left this morning in bright sunshine and made our way up to The Bridge Inn because they were having a Beer and Music Festival this weekend and we wanted to make sure we got a mooring. When we arrived Cliff managed to get in but Derwent6 couldn't, so we headed up towards Napton and turned. We manged to both get a mooring a bit further up and settled there for the day. We then had some lunch and decided to go Geocaching. The first treasure was only about a mile away and when we found it we were in for a surprise as it was a big box with loads of toys in it. Thomas had brought with him something to swap in the box and manage to get himself a Hotwheels VW beetle car, he was over the moon. We then walked up to Napton locks and all the boys got some fishing nets. On our way back a thunderstorm was on the way and we just managed to get back to the boats before it tipped it down. When it stopped, out came the fishing nets, and they did manage to catch a tennis ball which was floating down the canal!
In the evening we made our way to the Beer and Music festival and had a lovely meal in the pub. We then had the choice of 21 ales to choose from while we listened to some great music. The kids loved it dancing the night away. We had to leave before it got too dark so we didn't have to worry about everyone along the towpath. Another lovely day.

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