Monday, July 27, 2009

Said our goodbyes

Well today we said our goodbyes to Cliff, Lou, and the children. We then got in the car with Len & Terry & travelled down to Kent to see some of our friends. We don't know if you know but Len is on kidney dialysis and before we left we had some boxes to get rid of. For anyone interested Derwent6 copes very well with the dialysis machine running over night, and it allows Len the freedom of the canals.
Well we walked the boxes (only two of them) to Napton Narrowboats marina because it shows in the Nicholson guide that they take disposal. When we got there this guy came out and asked if we had a boat in the marina. No we said, "Well you can't leave that here" After explaining that we were off the cut he still wouldn't let us leave these boxes. We then let this guy have it and told him he needs to speak to the Nicholson guide which he said he will do. So we had to find some space in the car to take them with us down to Kent, not a easy task, but we managed to do it.
When we were down south we got to see Steve & Erica, Bernie & Sarah, Zoe & Greg, Maxine & Graham, and Steve & Deb. Thanks guys for your company it was great to see you all.
We got the train back to Derwent6 on a £9.00 ticket because we had booked in advance, and we have got to say it was a very quick service back to Rugby and then a cab back to the boat.

It's nice to be back on our own for a bit, but we have had a lovely time....What would life be like without friends and family.........


Anonymous said...

Really interested in your comments on the dialysis machine....what type of battery bank do you have to cope with this? ie battery type and quantity and size etc.

Anonymous said...

was lovely to see you too and look forward to seeing you in afew weeks - found the woodburning stove place and gained alot of information to mull over - thanks for the lead! will bring our diaries with us when we see you next to book afew days on the water enjoy your week xxxx Zed

Louise & Cliff said...

Hi thanks for the great trip well worth doing could recommend anyone to trying it and thanks to calcutt for the excellent service.
Enjoy the cruising and we will see you soon love us unruly mob lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great time,look forward to the next timed!!!!!!!!!lots of love to you both,Dad & Terryxxxxxxxxxxx