Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back through the locks

After the day at the castle, Del didn't feel so good, but we headed off towards the Stockton flight again. Al helped out putting the hire boat trough the locks to give Cliff a chance to see how the locks work and how difficult some can be.The boys all thought the walkie talkies we had on Derwent6 were great fun because we were able to all talk to each other when going along. We never got that far, but we did get as far as Long Itchington before we moored up for the day. We then thought we would take the kids on a little geocaching spree. We had one treasure just 400 metres away, but were disappointed not to find it, so we set off in the other direction and after a while looking for it, and determined not to give up, we found it...all be it small. We made our way back via The Cuttle Inn pub, back to Derwent6 where the girls had mustered up dinner. As the hire boat was a nine berth we had a nice large table for eight to sit round. We all had a super night.

Sorry to all our readers that we are not blogging very much, but we are so enjoying our time with the family. It just makes a change not having to worry about signals and things. We will be getting back to normal, after things have returned to normal!


Martin said...

Signals? Railway, naval, BW or personal??

Anonymous said...

Thanx for not mentioning the trivial pursuit =].. I had a good week fanx for having me there =] rele enjoyed myself....