Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Feels like we're bridge hopping

It really does feel like we're bridge hopping during this lockdown period, but we have no choice if we need food and water. In fact we have had to move for food more than water because we are greedy so and so's and like a glass or two to help us through the day.. 

The weather also plays a part in when we move, and the last few days have been damp, dank, and wet, but today was very sunny, but it was bloody cold. Al soon had the fire going!

So cold the temperature dropped to minus two and the ropes and satellite dish were all stuck to the roof.. The plan was to move early so we could get on the water point or at least get in the queue. It always feels good to be cruising again and when its a crisp morning it just makes the air seem so fresh.

We made our way up to Elliot's field shopping complex which is at Brownsover and pulled up onto the water point.

We soon found out why it was empty as nothing came out of the tap when we pushed on the lever, it was frozen. Al set off to Tesco's and left Del to sort out Derwent6 by pouring a kettle over the water tap and hey presto it squirted out. Next job was our collection of rubbish and then the dreaded waste tank which took a couple of containers to empty it. All this time we never saw another boat moving. Al came back from Tesco's with her trolley and a couple of extra bags, and then wanted to go again, but this time to M&S. She had ordered Del a belated Birthday present, which turned out to be a new pair of slippers. At least Del won't get them for Christmas now! We moved Derwent6 to an easier place to walk to M&S and Del waited and wiped down the paintwork as the ice melted on the roof.

We set off again over the aqueducts and onto Newbold.

Here we had the tunnel and Del hadn't even bothered to put on the tunnel light for this trip..

It was then onto Brinklow and past the marina entrance under the low bridges..

  The sun was getting low in the mid afternoon when we got to All Oaks Woods.

We moored up and Del took a look to see if our favourite mooring was available, and it was, so we crept round and sneaked in.

 So yep we are back where we started in this lockdown period, but we are just keeping out of the way till the time comes that we can cruise properly again..


Lisa said...

Oh a perfect place for sitting pretty, open and sunny. Let's hope there's no snow this week!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weather for cruising, at least the canal is still liquid, which is a bonus.
Good mooring spot if you do run low of food, there's always the fish and chip shop.
Take care now, A&K xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Lisa & David, yes its a lovely spot! We've been on our own here for most of the week. Hope you're both on the road to recovery xxx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann & Keith, oh yes, we've already had fish & chips, and walked back eating them! They taste so much better in the open air!
lots of love xxx