Sunday, December 06, 2020

Happy Birthday Derwent6

 Derwent6 is twelve years old today. We launched on December 3rd in Debdale marina back in 2008 and it still feels the same as the first day we stepped onto her..


We could give you all the miles we have done and all the locks we have completed, but its just all about the lifestyle for us, and long may it continue. The memories of loading up the van with all our worldly goods and watching Derwent6 going in the water for the first time, will live with us forever, whatever happens in the future..


The day we christened Derwent6 with a bottle of special ale has stayed with us forever, we still have one of the bottles on board.


THANK YOU DERWENT6 for giving us so much pleasure and helping us with living the dream!!


Phil - Nb Silhouette said...

Many Happy Returns ! Best wishes for another 12+ years

John and Louise said...

Happy Birthday Derwent6. Long may the dream continue as it’s given us the chance to become friends with two fabulous people too x

tony said...

happy birthday yeah life style is amazing on the canal. we had a heron following us for over a mile yesterday never had that before. always something different on a boat

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous, we remember that day very well, here's too many more years of carry on cruising together with your lovely boat cat.
Cheers A&K XX

Lisa said...

Congratulations to you both on the past happy twelve year aboard.
That means we've been reading your blog ooo eversuch a long time too!!
Happy Christmas too,
Lisa & David

Del and Al said...

Hi Phil, Thanks very much! It's flown by!

Hi John & Louise, right back at you! Can't wait until we can have those towpath BBQ's again! xxx

Hi Tony, Its a special lifestyle isn't it, and you've been at it longer than us!

Hi Ann & Keith, thanks, we wont forget that day, special for you too xxx

Hi Lisa & David, thanks! Its gone by so quick, but its been great! Happy Christmas to you too xxx