Monday, December 21, 2020

Collection and Washing points

We waited for Mark on the coal boat to come through and topped up the tank with diesel and also picked up three bags of coal to see us through Christmas.. The weather has been quite mild for the time of year but you have to ready for anything that is coming round the corner. Yep we need food and yep we need water, but of course we need to collect presents for out loved ones..  So we set off this morning towards Elliott's Field retail park and were stopped after just ten minutes cruising at Clifton Cruiser's with a boat right across the canal..

We carried on to Brownsover and managed to get moored right by the bridge which means its easy for a trolley load of food to refill our cupboards.

Al picked up things from the Amazon lockers and of course some Christmas treats.. 

We carried on then to Newbold and then went through the tunnel and made our way back towards Brinklow.

 This next section is lovely all out in the countryside, it would have been nice in the snow, but hey ho, or Ho Ho Ho!

We pulled into Brinklow marina for a couple of nights, and went on a mooring away from everyone so we were self contained, things were very strict here. We managed to get all our washing up to date as it is easier for us to do that, so on went the washing machine and tumble dryer. A big thank you for all the gang for trusting us and letting us use the pontoon and shoreline. 

 As everyone knows we always use Brinklow marina over the Christmas period, but this year will be very different for us all. 

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