Friday, December 18, 2020

Prezzie Pressure

 So our heavy food and drink was loaded and now it was the time to complete the present list and then wrap and send them off this year. 

We set off at 9.30am and headed back towards Rugby. It wasn't as cold as yesterday but it wasn't warm cruising.. Del had four layer's on and Al supplied the teas and coffee's to cup hands. He also has some small pads which are called "Heat in a Click" which get warm and last about half an hour and fit snug in a glove or a pocket..

They last loads of times as they turn back to liquid when you boil them.. We unhooked and went under the M69 heading for Ansty.

It was really quiet which was a good thing.... 
We then followed the railway, waving at the goods trains as they chugged by us. 

We then got to The swingbridge where Al had to put on her coat and push on the gate before she went back to the present list.

It was then our first hold up of the day. C&RT were blocking the canal as they unloaded a barge full of stone for the subsidence at All Oaks woods.

The woods are now looking a bit bare with all the trees with no leaves, making things tricky on the prop, but fun at the same time.. 
Its then through some pretty bridges onto Newbold tunnel. 

We then got to Brownsover and we stopped and Del took a walk along to see f there were any moorings, no chance! So we pinned where we were and Al took a hour round the shops to pick up some more presents and wrapping paper for Christmas.

On her return we made our way back to Hillmorton where we turned. It was now starting to get dank and the navigation lights had to come on.

We managed to moor up just in time before it was too dark to see.

After another long day (for us) we chilled in the evening with a glass of whiskey and chocolate, Yum!!! 

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