Wednesday, December 23, 2020

All Clean sheets, and into the mud

 With all our washing done and paying for our few nights, we left the marina.

We had some last minute parcels to collect and also we had to post all our Christmas cards.

We picked a lovely day to cruise and it was very pleasant to be out and soon got to Newbold. We moored up on the old water point again as it was so busy at Brownsover. After Al had got a bit more food and trolleyed it back to Derwent6 we set off.

We went back to Hillmorton Locks and turned again as it started to get colder.

We moored at Clifton and the mud here now was horrendous.

Tooty was not happy with his little muddy paws and Del wasn't happy with the state of the carpet, but he did have the swans to look at..


tony said...

merry Christmas guys.

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, Merry Christmas to you both too!