Monday, November 04, 2019

Sitting tight

We had a few days on one of our favourite moorings in the middle of nowhere. The only thing is the trains going by every ten minutes, but that has never bothered us both. What we did notice was the livery changing on the trains as Virgin trains loses the contract to an Italian company, which is a real shame. Virgin trains were almost part of the landscape.

We sat out the rain over the weekend with Rugby, football and Lewis becoming F1 World Champion for the sixth time. We can see a window to move on Monday so fingers crossed..


Phil C said...

Good to see you two still living the dream
I trust you are both well
Chasing a different dream myself these days on the underground.
Best Regards

Phil C

Del and Al said...

Hi Phil, good to hear from you. We're fine thanks, still really enjoying the boat 11 years down the line. Hope all well with you, may see you on the tube one day!