Sunday, November 03, 2019

Onto Bugbrooke for Halloween with a black cat

We left early this morning and headed to the tunnel on Halloween. It looked cold and damp as we approached and soon found out why..
Water was pouring from the roof in some sections and we were soon cold and damp ourselves.. Blisworth tunnel takes about 45 minutes to complete and its first section is original brickwork.
This then goes into a wider slabbed section which opens out the tunnel.
The last section is brickwork again but it is covered in limescale and looks more like a cave than a tunnel..
All you have are these little glowing arrows on the wall if you breakdown..
We cleared the exit and made our way through Blisworth.
Then the canal opens up a bit and goes on to the junction of the Northampton Arm.

  Its then back out into the countryside again.

We passed Hayford Marina and then found a spot to moor up.
It looks like it could be wet for the next few days so we might anchor down here till it goes..
 Things were fine till the end of the day, and we thought we had got away with the trick or treater's.. We just got into bed and there was a scrabble at the porthole and then SPLASH! Yep! Tooty had gone in.. Del rushed out and grabbed the torch and not a cat in sight. No ripple in the water, no noise, just a splash mark on the side of Derwent6. Just when you start thinking the worse this head comes round from the other side of the boat and jumps in the engine room, not a happy cat!!
He had swum down the port side and got his breath back on the front button before he made a big effort to pull himself up onto the bank. He first went in the cratch and then heard Al call him and run down the gunwale into the engine room.. We picked him up and plonked him by the fire, to rub him down.. Panic over! but very spooky!


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor Tooty, you did well to spot him in the dark.
He must be a good swimmer but cats aren't usually..are they?
Lovely pics coming up through Blisworth especially the stalagtites.
K&A xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, Tooty swims ok, but cats do get tired out quickly in the water. We hang a fender off of the stern deck so that he can get out, but this time he decided to swim to the front button! xxx