Monday, November 11, 2019

Cold and Misty Morning

It was cold over night, but the fire was just about alive as we put on some more wood. When we cleaned the ashes there was a frost on the roof and the centre rope was a solid ring.. There was a mist on the water and the sun was trying to poke through as we pulled out the chains.

We always liken it to the Pirates of the Caribbean when its foggy and the smoke from the chimney adds to the effect.. You have to be careful at bridges as they come out of the gloom..
We have done this section so many times it feels like coming home, but we still love it.
Things cleared up at little as we got to the Old Royal Oak which is now called The Waterside pub..
We soon got to Hillmorton Locks and followed another boat down.
It wasn't till we got to the bottom lock that we met two boats coming up.

You could almost be in the early 1900's around here.
We then moored up where we know we can get good signals..
Del wiped the roof down and set things up while Al run the hoover round and made some muffins


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

At your favourite place, I see!
And where are the cheese scones?
Big hugs to you both,

Del and Al said...

ahhhh I miss those cheese scones!!

Love to you both xxx

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