Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Another HRH Pre Birthday Surprise

Del's birthday was on the Friday and we arrived back on Derwent6 the Wednesday before. Al had arranged for Del to be down in Kent on Friday for a gathering of a few family and friends.
When we got the train down on Thursday Del thought he was going to Kent, so imagine how weird it was when we got to Oxford Street and went west. We got off at Marble Arch and to Del's surprise we were booked in at the brand new Hard Rock Hotel.

You get your keycard and flash it across one of the screens and it calls a lift to take you to your floor..
We went into the room and classic tracks were playing and a bottle of gold prosecco was waiting to kick of the afternoon..

We then went down for eats in the café, classic burgers of course.

It was then a lovely shower and out in the evening..

Again we went north, and got off the train at Wembley, Del still confused. It soon all become apparent when he saw the theatre with the signs "Warhorse" as the play was on its penultimate night and Del had always wanted to see it..

It was amazing, four rows from the front, right in the middle.

This moves you to tears and it isn't always the horse, the war scenes are amazing..
Afterwards we went back to the bar at the Hard Rock Hotel for cocktails before bed..


Amanda said...

Quite a lot of planning went into this month long birthday bash I think! Happy Birthday Del. And well done to Ali for all her amazing surprises!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Del. Sounds like you're having a great time. The new hotel looks great, nothing like that in NZ I'm afraid.
Ashley & Hayley.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Amanda, time for a rest now lol......with Christmas looming perhaps not!!!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ashley & Hayley, had a brilliant time! Mind you it was minus 4 here last night so wouldn't mind some of that NZ sunshine!!

Take care both x

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