Friday, November 08, 2019

How we open ground and gate paddles going up a lock!

As promised, here is how we open the paddles when going up a lock on our own, with ground and gate paddles, so the boat doesn't go from side to side when rising.. We have never had to rope the boat over on these types of locks and it works for us.

First open the ground paddle HALF WAY on the side that the boat is closest too.

Then open the gate paddle halfway on the opposite side to the boat and let the boat settle.

Then its back across the lock and wind the ground paddle up fully on the boat side.

Then across the lock again and open up fully the ground paddle which is opposite the boat side.
Then while your on that side open fully the gate paddle.
Now when the lock is over half full or covering the flow from the open gate paddle, then open the other gate paddle..

The boat should stay on the side that you opened the first ground paddle all the way till you open the gate to leave the lock..
If the boat leaves the lock slowly and you close the gate slowly the other gate should remain closed.


Herbie Neil said...

Spot on. I wish someone would teach CRT volunteers how to do it like that. As I understand it, they are taught not to allow any gate paddle open until the lock is over half full, then they wonder why the boat gets sucked away from the side!

Geoff and Mags said...

Hi both. We do it differently so long as the lock isn't particularly deep. We rope up with the centre rope leading to a bollard towards the stern, then leave the boat in gear on tickover. This springs the boat into the side and you can open the paddles in any order (with care). Works if you're single-handing, too. So long as the rope is tied to a bollard far enough back it won't pull the boat over as the lock fills, merely lead it backwards.
Take care, have a good winter.

Chris Thorn said...

I've used the centerline to rear bollard (or additional stern line set up just for this purpose). We learned that years ago from a single handler who moves boats for a living. He also showed us how to tie up as a pair when traveling through a bunch of broad locks close together.

Really like the detailed instructions with graphics. That would be a great hire boat/new owner handout.

Del and Al said...

Thanks guys for all your comments, its great to have different examples and options.

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