Friday, April 05, 2019

Day One of our upgrade (Solar)

We were up early and pulled into Springwood Haven marina at 9.00am.
They had sorted us out a slot and we reversed up on it. It was a lovely day again and we waited for Kevin to get us started by getting the solar panels.
We soon had the brackets fitted to them and then four holes were drilled into the roof.. The feet were then glued to the roof and security bolts fitted. We were really pleased with the results..
We then run some wires in the engine room and sorted out where things were going to go for fitment tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

Kevin's brilliant, he fitted our new batteries for us.
Lovely solar panels, if it's as sunny as last summer they'll do well.
Ann Makemson xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann, we've probably jinxed it! If it's a poor summer you can blame us lol. Yes, Kevin has been great! x