Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter Monday

I know there will be some of you that aren't interested in the Derwent6 upgrade, but I also know there are some of you that are.

This has really changed our quality of life living on a narrowboat, and we are so excited to see what the next winter will bring.
We wake up in the morning and we can check the batteries in bed, that's the first thing.
Secondly you can see that the batteries are only at 80% after using them the night before, charging phones etc, watching TV, and of course the fridge running overnight. Thirdly you can see the solar panels switch on and start charging the batteries, and they charge really quickly depending on how much sun you have..
You have the peace of mind that you can run anything off these batteries and they can take it. Pumps, extractors, everything DC, all AC products, even the immersion heater for hot water. When we are static we don't need to run our engine and that's got to be good for the neighbours. The saving on diesel will be significant, and the saving on the environment even more immense.
We can look at the colour controller and see where the power from the batteries is going and also when it is being charged, either by the engine or by the solar panels.

We can also see the history of how much solar power we have had over the month. (the 0.0 volts is where it has turned off overnight). It shows whether it has charged on Bulk, Absorption, or Float. A lot of these days we haven't even had to tilt the panels up to get maximum kWh

The way we see it is that if we were in a house we would have maybe had new windows, or a conservatory, or a new shed, or even a car. We don't need any of them so why not give ourselves some quality of life living on a boat. It will start paying for itself very quickly and the worry about the batteries has just GONE!.

It is fun looking at what is going on, but I hope this wears off and the system just looks after itself.
When you first go into the app it pulls out the four lithium 100Ah batteries and the battery monitor and Solar MPPT.

If you then go into each lithium smart battery, you can even check each cell in that battery. It will also give the temperature of each battery.
We have had a frost in the morning, and the lowest the battery temperature went to was 8 degrees because they are well protected. The system will stop any charging under 5 degrees, as this can damage lithium batteries. The fact of the matter is that these batteries would probably run a heater in the battery compartment (if it was ever needed) so we could then run the engine to charge them when the temperature rises.

Anyway enough of that, as you can see we just chilled in the sunshine with a beer in hand today, this is what boating's all about..


Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff, so satisfying to be able to check everything remotely.
I supose you could have more electrical gadgets in the galley if needbe.
Cheers, now you can relax with no worries, eh?
K&A xx

Unknown said...

Hi you two!
It’s Laura and Malvern on Coldwater Morning. We’ve just passed you in Rugby. Fancy getting together this evening at the Barley Mow in Newbold? Phone 07968 231079.

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann & Keith, must admit its a nice feeling! x

Del and Al said...

Hi Laura & Malvern, sorry, just seen your comment. Would have been lovely, but unfortunately couldn't make tonight. Hopefully get together another time :-)