Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Final Weekend

Moored up for the weekend is a lovely feeling. Again it was hot and I mean hot, because you can't do anything in this heat, it makes you feel so lethargic. The great thing is that brasses haven't needed doing for at least six weeks, but Derwent6 is covered in dust from the towpaths.
Del has been getting up early just to wipe the roof and sides down, but if you're thinking of painting, forget it!
But we're not moaning, we love it! chairs in the shade, chairs in the sun, but most of all BBQ at the ready and beers chilled in the fridge.

Of course this weekend is final weekend, with the tennis and of course the World Cup, and its a well done to France for winning it.
The forecast shows a little needed rain on the way so moving tomorrow before it gets here. We are doing the Atherstone flight of eleven locks and we are hearing some of the pounds are very low on water.. Early start for us then!

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