Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Moored for the busy weekend!

So here we are at All Oaks, and we decided to stay here for the weekend as things have started to get a bit busy now with the kids off.
It has been hot and humid here and Del has been going out with his glider as he has the choice of three fields.

The weather has been great for gliding and it only takes a couple of catapult launches before he is up and away for a hour or so.. He's a pic from when the grass was a bit greener..

Al has been right into her books again and been trying to keep cool in the cratch and in the saloon.
On Friday late afternoon it rained, you can't believe we are so pleased to have some rain..
Derwent6 gets a wash, the canals get water and freshened up a bit, and the grass turns a little greener..
We have a busy next couple of weeks so a little bit of planning is involved and we will be taking a mini break from the blog..  We will catch up with you all with some pictures shortly..


Anonymous said...

Grrreat place to fly, but does the glider always land in an easily accessable spot for retrieval?
Enjoy your break. xx
Ann and Keith.

Stuart said...

Don’t leave it too long though lol

Stuart said...

Btw can’t believe I’ve been following this blog for 8 years

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann & Keith
Luckily yes, Del always seems to manage to land close by..........touch wood!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Stuart
Thanks for following the blog, can't believe that we've been on Derwent6 10 years this year.....time certainly flies!