Thursday, July 27, 2017

Rain didn't stop play

We woke up to the rain pouring down on the roof, so it was a non moving day, which was quite nice.
It meant we could have a long lay in and dosed till 11.00am. Once up we did a few jobs, but felt quite lethargic, its a job to know what we did do really.We did have a bit of drama due to the cat, Tooty, falling into the canal again. We have had to moor a little bit away from the bank as it is a bit shallow where we are, and we think he miss timed his jump!

In the evening we met up with Marky and walked to a couple of new pubs nearby, and then finished up back in the Railway which had an open mic night.
It turned out to be another good night and the landlord Adam even gave us a wheelie bin full of wood for the locker!
Wheelie bin in hand we walked back to D6, we really must give our livers a rest tomorrow..

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