Monday, July 24, 2017

Cathedrals and Cocktails

After a lazy morning (we needed it) we eventually got out at midday. We walked along the docks and then over to where the cathedrals are..
We seemed to come in the back entrance of the Liverpool Cathedral and the minute you get close to this building it blows you away with its size..
You walk into the building and there is a great feeling of peace and space..
We walked round and was amazed at the whispering arch, and then we bought our tickets for the tower..
 You go up two escalators and it still has 108 steps to deal with after that, which go through the bell tower..
The view from the top is amazing so pick a nice day..
We came down and in the car park there was a Ice Cream van, we sat on the wall and just took in the view of the cathedral.
We then walked along Hope Street past the suitcases, and along to the Metropolitan Cathedral which also is an amazing structure.

When you walk in it is round and the glass in the tower changes colour as you walk round it..
Again a lovely feeling of peace here, and it has an area remembering the Hillsborough Disaster, and all the people who sadly lost their life..
We then walked back towards town and down Bold Street and ended up in TGI Friday's for cocktails in the sun..
We then walked back home and chilled out the front for a couple of hours..


Judith nb Serena said...

Love reading your blog especially since you've been in Liverpool as it's my home town though we did move to south west Wales in the nineties. We took the link into Liverpool last year for the river festival and got to moor in Albert Dock. I wondered if you'd managed to get to the Philamonic pub, well worth a visit for its decor. Enjoy the rest of your time in Liverpool.
Judith nb Serena XXX

Del and Al said...

Thanks Judith, Liverpool has been fantastic! Yes we visited the Philamonic, and saw the infamous loos as well!! We will definitely be back to Liverpool, lovely city and lovely people x