Tuesday, July 11, 2017

On to Halsall

We set off at 9.00am in the morning and made our way up to the first of two swing bridges. These were electric and easy to operate. We alternated with Mark and Sian on n.b Mochyn Du to make things easy.
It was then a nice twist and turn through the countryside, which was very pleasant as the sunshine tried to poke through the clouds.
After a couple of hours we got to Halsall where we moored up just before the bridge.
We had been given a tip that this was a good pub with great food by Chris, Shipmate Marky's mate.
 In fact it was so good they wanted to join us with some friends of theirs, the more the merrier....
So we had all the afternoon free and of course boat cleaning had to be done. Chris and the family tuned up late afternoon and we all walked over the pub for more drinks. We had a lovely evening with them all and the food was lovely. I'm sure we will see more of Chris on this trip..
After seeing them go we walked back to the boats, grabbed a bottle of wine and sat out in the cratch with Mark and Sian reminiscing and talking about all the people we love and miss..

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