Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wow! this river just get better

We left this morning at 9.00am, Al walked down to the first lock at Cogenhoe, and it was ready for Derwent6 to enter.. Al loves the guillotine locks, but Del is not so keen as they drip all over his nice clean roof (and his brasses) .. 
It is very pretty here as the river twists and turns though some difficult sections which are over grown at this time of year, but great fun..
We got to Earls Barton and passed these two locks with ease. The lock landings make it a bit of a challenge but also different from the canals, we like it!
This river has just had some stunning scenery and we are told it gets even better downstream.
We have seen fantastic wildlife and even water skiers.
We loved this paint job on n.b Alfie.
Derwent6 twist and turns through the overgrowth and its so exciting wondering what you will find round the next bend, its great being on new territory. We did look for some moorings but ended up carrying on through Great Doddington as the banks were covered in weed.  Bet this guy was pulling a few watts..
We got to Wellingborough and saw the big Tesco's just a short walk away and moored up for a bit of top up on shopping..
Not wanting to stop here we carried on, but there were no signs of trouble, so maybe on the way back. Once again the scenery never let us down as we got out in the open again through Ditchford and Higham locks.
We passed under the tight arches of the bridge before we moored up at Irthlingborough.
When we arrived the new moorings were all taken and these signs had been put up saying NO MOORING  warning us of loose planks on the rivers edge.
Sod that, we just moored up on them, as they looked so good. it turns out they have been like this since June. No repairs in the pipeline (so we're told), but they have managed to come out and cement and sign write the signs for no mooring.
What a waste of money, they might as well have just come out and repaired the planks.. Anyway after we moored up another four boats moored on them with us.. Yes there has been a bit more boat movement today, we saw all these boats at Tesco's.
We set up the telly and chilled in the evening, another lovely day!

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