Saturday, August 02, 2014

Our Cook Return's

It was Matty's last day with us and we were treated with some lovely toast and homemade blackberry jam, Mmmmm

One of the reasons we had stopped here was for Cassiobury Park which has loads of things for kids to do and all free over the holiday period. They also had a miniature railway which was a pound a go and it has a long track as well. Matty got on his swimmers again and first jumped on the train with Al.. 
From there it was on to the bouncy castles and then on to the swimming pools.
We had a lovely time in the sunshine and it was the perfect end to the perfect holiday for Matty.
We then walked back to Derwent6 and it was time for him to pack his bags and walk up to the station with Al..
Del stayed on Derwent6 and did some paintwork and polished a side as the weather had got cooler..
Matty was met by Ron at Victoria and Al said her goodbyes and then returned to Derwent6.
We got out the wine and cheeses and chilled in the cratch. We soon had to go to bed, yep Matty had worn us out, but thanks for a fab week with you mate, we will miss your desserts!!

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Anonymous said...

The bouncy castle staff was very rude today (30.06.2019). The way they acted was disgusting. One men put his leg front of my grandson as I haven't payed yet (I was getting my wallet so he could see that) but all the children were already in so our 10 mins started already. Then the men gave my change back very harshly throw into my palm. They did not smile...looked like they are here for the money only. Disgusting! Change your job if you hate it!