Sunday, August 24, 2014

Best mooring yet

We were laying in bed when we heard the boat behind us moving at 7.00am.. They had a better mooring and the banking was a bit higher, so with the rain expected Monday we thought it best to move back a bit..

It was a lovely morning and we soon had the bacon butties going out in the cratch, what do think of our guard dog..
Del then did the brasses while Al made a cake.. We then watched the Grand Prix qualifying and then went out.. We first went for a walk up to Wadenhoe Church..
The first thing you get to is its Millennium Sundial a nice work of art..
It was nice to see the church open for visitors and it is very quaint and peaceful..
It has a 13th Century font and you were able to go in the bell tower, well worth a visit..
We then walked into the village and what a pretty little village it is.
It has loads of thatched houses, old barns and a mill.
It even has an old farmyard with the milk churns by the gate and an old post office..
 Forgetting Del had done the brasses, it started to rain so we made our way back..
We chilled in the evening, well Al had a chill watching Dr Who.. We love this mooring and it is our best so far..


Sue said...

Did you see the dovecote?

Really worth a look if you didn't. It is just off the main street in Pilton Road about 20 yards on the right as you walk up.

Del and Al said...

Hi Sue yes we did It's wonderful.. Just didn't take a pic as it started to rain lol.. Loving it down here!