Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back to Bruerne

Today we got up early as Al had arranged a Tesco's delivery at Stoke Bruerne locks, so we had a lot to get on with.. We set off at 7.00am and crept passed the moored boats and turned and then crept back again..
The lock at Cosgrove was in our favour and over the fence it looked like a manger with the animals looking at us in the stable..
We pushed on through the village and then into the countryside with a breeze in our face.
It was a bit chilly today with the cloud cover but still lovely to cruise.
We soon got to the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne  locks and pulled over to top up with water and we also carried out a manual pump out. We waited for another boat and then went in the lock with them.... we went up two locks and pulled over at the slipway just as Mr Tesco's turned up..
He wanted to chat all day about living aboard, but we had another boat behind us and knew we could share another lock. It turned out to be n.b Kala who we first met on the Grand Union when their boat was new and we helped them winding for the first time, they have followed the blog ever was lovely chatting to you again.....

When we got to the large pound we departed and moored up with our day done..
We managed to get a tv signal, which is difficult here.  After our early start it was nice to relax together. In the evening we walked down to the navigation where a steel band were playing.
They were very poor I'm afraid, but the beer was nice..


Les Biggs said...

Hi Del/Al
I recognize that Tesco hot spot. A real gem that one the driver can`t miss you.
Hopefully cross paths some time.

Del and Al said...

Hi Les, thanks for the tip on your blog! It's a great spot! Take care and hope to see you at some point....