Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We're Ready

We looked at the weather when we got up and thought it was a good time to move today. We still had a couple of days on the waste tank but thought due to the weather report we should get it emptied. We pulled the pins and moved down to Clifton Wharf and after a bit of hassle we moored alongside two other boats for a pumpout. It always feels good when your tank is empty and your diesel is full, Mmm just water to worry about..
We left the Wharf and headed into Rugby where we passed a quiet Brownsover. We then winded and put Derwent6 on the water point.
Del had spotted a bit more wood so we loaded up with a few sticks to keep us going.. so loaded with wood, coal, water, diesel, and our empty waste tank, bring on the bad weather.. Perhaps we shouldn't have said that..
We had plans to head back to Braunston, but as we pulled round the corner a boat pulled off at Brownsover where we can get telly.. We also had one more thing to do, fill the cupboards with food and with Tesco's just a stone's throw we moored up..
We got the shopping and managed to get all the heavy stuff back to Derwent6 before it rained. So that was it for the day, fire stoked and feeling exhausted we just put our feet up..  we love this life!!!!


bottle (nb Oakfield) said...


Heads up about Stoveglow the formula has changed and it is now not a smoke-less fuel. An acquaintance has had trouble with very bad tarring of stove and chimney. A call to the seller confirmed this. It is now not approved for smoke-less zones.
Small print towards bottom third of front of bag.
Stay safe.

Del and Al said...

Thanks for the heads up! :-)