Friday, November 29, 2013

Our lucky day (except for our colds)

We didn't have a very good night with our colds taking grip, but we still got up early. It was very foggy but we made our way down to the water point.
We topped up with water and got rid of our rubbish, before moving off towards the flight of locks..
The first lock was against us but we met a boat coming down at the second, and it was plain sailing to the top..
We then hit the Braunston Tunnel, the first time since we had hit the wall last time, and luckily we didn't meet anything..
Talking of luck, when we came out of the tunnel there was a stack of wood for boaters to feast on.. We loaded Derwent6 right up, knowing we had another cold snap coming up. 
Due to loading up we lost half an hour in time and had to press on. We turned at Norton Junction and headed up the Leicester line to the Watford flight..
Lucky again we had three lock keepers to help us up and they locked the gates behind us.. They seemed bored as they had only seen four boats all day.
We reached the top in record time. We love this part of the canal, and we made our way to the very wet Crick tunnel.
We went through not meeting or seeing anyone till we moored up at Crick..
The first thing we did was wipe down Derwent6 as the water in tunnels marks the paintwork then we managed to get a TV signal, a miracle in Crick, and also we got on the fourteen days... Our luck had to run out.. In the evening our colds got us down a bit so we snuggled by the fire till bed time..

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