Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Birthday's Weekend

Well we stayed the night at Al's Mum and Dads on the Friday night and was up early to see them.. We then left at 11.00am and went over to Del's cousin Dave as it was his 60th Birthday.. As soon as we got there the drinks started to flow. It was even better as we saw Holly his daughter who was back over from Oz.
We went out for a walk with them and walked to Diane's (Dave's wife) Dads house as it was his 86th Birthday and had a few more drinks.
We walked back to Dave and Diane's and had some birthday cake with a cup of tea and then left for Bernie and Sarah's late in the afternoon. We then had to get changed for the evening.. We were all going to a 25th Wedding Anniversary party which was a suited and booted do with masquerade masks. We arrived at 8.00pm and were greeted by Carl and Diane. It was a fabulous party with great food and entertainment.. We had a Ball!!!!
It was then back to Bernie and Sarah's where we crashed out...
On Sunday morning we were recovering and then it was arranged that we were out at lunchtime.. We had said to Bernie and Sarah that we wanted to take them out for a meal as they had been so good to us this year and we had stayed a lot with them both.. So they picked where they wanted to go and we jumped in the car. We arrived at a place called Smith and Western which is a Country and Western themed place Yeeee Haaaaa.. When we arrived Steve and Erica were at the bar with Tanya, Sam and Zak. David and Hannah were also there..
More cards and presents and great food, and more drink (hair of the dog) we had a great time..
We left at 5.00pm and got back to Bernie and Sarah's tired from too much food and drink and crashed out in front of Strictly, bloated...

Del had some lovely presents and cards, this touched his heart, the envelope of the card from Thomas, Jack, Matthew, Samuel, and Ella and a big thank you to Matty (who was on Derwent6 at the time of the lock incident), for making Uncle Del a lovely sponge cake, you guys rock!!

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