Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prep work

We woke up to a miserable morning so it was difficult to get out of bed, but as usual we had loads of jobs to do.. Del started on the engine, by checking the levels and greasing the grease points.. Then pumped up the central heating ready for winter.. We are trying to prepare ourselves for this cold snap we are going to have, but I'm sure it will catch us out.. Del then did the porthole liners while Al did some (house) boat-work.. In the afternoon we invited Andy and Irene round for tea and Al had made some date and walnut rock cakes. Irene had brought some gifts as well with some cake and a bottle of Crabbies for us.. We had a laugh in the heat of Derwent6 with its fire blazing in the corner.. In the evening it was a bit of telly for us...
On Tuesday we were up early as it was a nice day and Del cleaned out the bilge and also the rain gutters on the weed hatch. He then started to cut up some more wood so the locker was full.. As we did this we said our goodbyes to Andy and Irene on n.b. Kamili.
We soon had the wood locker full and then went on the hunt for more wood. Al walked up the shops and topped up the fridge (with more chocolate)..
In the evening we just chilled listening to music......

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