Friday, November 01, 2013

The eye of the Storm

Battered by the winds last night we were surprised it didn't feel any different to normal winds we have had in the past. We had some very heavy rain and it was strange that we had a very calm bit in the middle of the storm, it felt like we were right in the eye of it.. Gale force winds and heavy rain then nothing for about half an hour, then gale force winds with more rain again.. On inspection in the morning no trees down and no damage.. We must have been quite shielded here..
The problem we had was no trains and Al had to get down to London as her Dad had an appointment at the hospital.. It was a matter of waiting till the lines reopened.. She left at 2.00pm and managed to get down to Kent at 5.00pm but it was a shame that her Dads appointment had to be cancelled due to the storm disruption...

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