Friday, November 01, 2013

Cuttings in the Cut

It was another early start as we wanted to make good ground as the weather looked poor tomorrow..  We were first hampered by the grass cutters who had left the cuttings in the cut, this, together with the leaves, didn't help the Axion prop and we had to keep dropping into neutral to clear it.
Still we didn't see much traffic and made easy progress once we waved goodbye to the grass cutters..
It was lovely twisting and turning our way to the top of the Napton Flight at Marston Doles.
It was very handy that we met another boat just as we entered the locks..
When we got to  the flight down into Napton we had the lock keeper and his dog, help us down, and with Thomas it was very easy..
By the time we had got to the bottom Thomas had a new friend..
There were moorings at Napton but we thought better to make as much progress as possible.. We soon got to Wigrams Turn, (Napton Juction in our eyes) and pushed on toward Braunston.
Here we could tell we was on the M25 of the waterways as we now had three boats in front of us and two behind us.. Will we get a mooring at Braunston..
As we pulled in we watched one boat pull into the last space so we tried to moor before the bridge but as always in Braunston the rings aren't right for Derwent6 and you can't pin in.  It was starting to get dark so we found a spot on the 48 hours and managed to get telly...
Another shower and we were soon over the pub this time taking advantage of the buy one meal get one free..  We got back to Derwent6 at 10.00pm and watched some spooky telly before bed..

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