Friday, November 01, 2013

Beating the rain

We heard the chimes of the church at eight and had the engine running at 8.20am and moved up to the water point to top up again.. \
We then turned and crept out of Braunston and headed out toward Rugby..
We had heard the weather was going to be bad at midday and it was strange as we had lovely sunshine as we headed towards Hillmorton locks.
It seemed very quiet outside of Braunston.. At Onley, a boat moved off behind us but it had been very quiet..  At Hillmorton Thomas was in action again.. and we had no problems getting down the locks..
We cruised to a nice quiet spot where we could get telly tonight as Thomas wanted to see a programme... as we moored up it started to rain, good timing so we watched a DVD in the afternoon.. 

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