Saturday, December 01, 2012

Decorated Derwent6

It was a very cold night again and we woke up to a heavy frost, and we were surprised to see the canal not frozen. We were glad of the fire staying in overnight which kept Derwent6 warm. Del was then on some of the jobs to do on Derwent6. He first started on the porthole liners and then cleaned the lamp and tiller, followed by the starboard side portholes on the outside. It soon got too cold to be outside and we stopped for lunch.We were then met by Paul and Lynne off n.b Piston Broke who had popped into Rugby to pick up some things. We had a quick chat as they didn't have much time, but we did arrange a meeting for early in December. Afterwards we got out the Christmas Decorations and sorted out what we had. Al decided that the tree we had was too small, and she took a walk to Homebase and came back with a three foot one. Del had already started on the dec's and the tree just finished it all off.
So Derwent6 is all Chistmassy and like a little grotto.
At 10.00pm we were met by Tanya and her boyfriend Sam who had come up from Kent, it was great to see them. So we have new crew for the next few days, lets hope we don't get iced in.

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