Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Copper Task

It was another cold night but the fire kept us warm. The canal wasn't frozen for a change, but we didn't think it was worth the risk of moving. Del had set himself a task today. He wanted to get the old calorifier stripped down to it's copper tank so we could take it to a scrap metal merchant close by. After breakfast he was on it, and it took about a hour to get it all off.
The tank was a lot lighter with all the insulation off, so Del walked with the tank on his back to the scrap merchants (which was about a mile away).
It turned out that they offered us twenty five pounds but Del stood his ground and said it was worth at least thirty, and in the end we got thirty pounds for it. They can't now hand over cash due to all the problems with stolen copper going on. You have to show a driving licence and you can only accept a cheque, and you are also given a receipt. So thirty pounds better off, Del walked back to Derwent6. We were now left with a load of foam which had come off the tank, four bags in fact.
Del then rode his bike up to Brownsover where the bins are, and got rid of it all. In the evening we just chilled out with telly and Christmas nibbles.


Keith Lodge said...

Last week I took the old battery and invertor connecting cables, which I replaced at the start of this year, to a local dealer and got £7.00 for them, paid for a pint each!

Del and Al said...

Definitely worth it Keith, not to be sniffed at.....