Monday, December 03, 2012

Busy while the're sleeping

It was a really cold night again last night and it was the right decision not to move yesterday. The ice here was about one centimetre thick so we let the crew have another lay in.
We were up early, showered and out at 9.00am. Del first walked down the the petrol garage to fill up the can of petrol for the chainsaw and then it was back down to Tesco's to pick up a lot of tinned stuff which was heavy to carry. We got back at 11.00am and Tanya and Sam were still sparko so we had to wake them up. It was too late for breakfast as Al was thinking about getting lunch on the go. We had to relight the fire and sort out the condensation in the cratch from the frost.
We have been turning off the hot water due to the dripping tank and only turning it on when we need it, but the bilge is slowly filling up with water.
We then all had lunch and fajitas were on the menu. Afterwards we said our goodbyes to Tanya and Sam. They make a great couple and seem very happy and have a lot of fun. We have enjoyed having them, it's easy when they sleep for half the day! It's a shame we couldn't cruise but it is December and it's always a risk.

We then went over to do some printing at Tesco's for our Christmas card picture and Del went over to The Range to get some chainsaw oil as everywhere else was out of it. We got back at 5.00pm and plonked ourselves in front of the telly for four hours and fell asleep.

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