Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bite the Bullet

We watched the weather on telly last night and they forecast rain all day to day but when we woke up it was very dank but not raining. The thing was when was it going to rain. Well we took most of the morning deciding whether to go or not. At 11.00am we bit the bullet and went for it.
 After about forty minutes it started to spit rain but not enough for us to stop.
We managed to make Braunston when the heavens started to open, and we pulled over just in time to keep dry.
 As it turned out we had a brilliant internet signal so we played our pc games for the rest of the day. The weather doesn't look too good tomorrow either so we could be here for a while....


Keith Lodge said...

That's a shame being stuck in Braunston for Christmas, ;-)

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Merry Solstice and Happy Christmas to you both! May the New Year bring you joy, continued good health, and lots of laughter.
Jaq and Les
NB Valerie

Jo Lodge said...

Happy Christmas to you both. Hope it brings you all the things your heart desires.... Oh you have that already because your living on a boat.... Have a wonderful time and maybe we will see you somewhere in 2013. Hugssssss Jo & Keith xxxxxx

Carol said...

Enjoy the season - stay warm!