Monday, September 03, 2012

Send On

We woke this morning to be greeted by a Virgin balloon going over at 6.30am and just managed to get this photo of it. As we were up we decided to move today, it was just the perfect cruising day. We got through Millmead lock which was in our favour and then passed Dapdune Whalf. It was then under the low bridge at the Rowbarge pub, for which we this time took the chimney off. This river is just so pretty and with sunshine and no wind it just brings it all out. We went in the pleasant Stoke lock and then hit the countryside round Sutton House where the river is so clear and narrow, great fun.. We then found a mooring we fancied at Send that we had seen coming up here, and managed to get in. Al had done some washing on the way and we got the washing line out in the sunshine which ruined the scenery a bit. We made the most of the sunshine for the rest of the afternoon and evening, with Del going out on his bike and Al reading her book.......bliss


Carol said...

Hi both, we really enjoyed that spot too - watch out for the snakes though!

Del and Al said...

Hi Carol, it's lovely here and fingers crossed we haven't seen any snakes yet lol!