Monday, September 17, 2012

Pangbourne to Day's

We set of early again from Pangbourne and soon got through the lock. It was a hazy but windy day, but it was still very pleasant cruising. We took it nice and steady into Goring lock where it got a bit busier as it normally does over the weekend. The only drama we had was when we got out of Cleeve lock we had about ten plastics turning in front of us. As we approached they still thought they could just turn in front of us and in the end we had to go into reverse to stop us hitting one of them. We just stopped in time with about a foot to spare. "What the hell are you doing" we shouted. "Oh we're all members of the same club" he replied. "Don't you think that was a bit dangerous" we shouted back. "Oh if you don't like the rivers go back on the canals" he replied.
"Oh don't go there" we said. So if you see this mob again they don't like narrowboats on their river, Bloody snobs!!!
The river opens up a bit after this and gets a bit straight but the wildlife is fantastic. We passed through Wallingford, still with it's five pound mooring fee, and then got to Shillingford which is a pretty little section of twist and turns. After doing fifteen miles we thought we would stop at Day's Lock and found a nice mooring at the top. Here again the wildlife is great and it wasn't long before we had a Kingfisher join us. Del managed to polish one side of Derwent6 ready for the winter. It has still been warm and we haven't had to light the fire yet.......this is another good thing about being south.

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Lisa said...

Surely you would have had a better result not to have moved out of the way, but to have stayed put, maybe even put your pointy end in their midships....? Make them move a bit quick me thinks
Lisa x