Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wet! (lets cut the grass)

A wet day in prospect so it was difficult to get up this morning. Its lovely laying in bed listening to the rain on the roof. We had some breakfast out in the cratch and while doing so we heard the noise of the mowers in the distance. Oh No Derwent6 will be covered in grass again and we know how they love doing it in the rain.
The thing is, now you don't know if it is contractors or volunteer's as the canals are now a trust. Anyway, they still got a shout after they started spraying the cratch cover with grass and chipping the paintwork with stones. "Oh OK" he said, with a sheepish grin.. It was lovely to have our garden grass cut, but we are now dragging grass in the engine room every time we go outside.

The rain never stopped all day, so it was a good job we had Wimbledon and a covered centre court to keep us amused.


Anonymous said...

With all that grass flying around just as well it rained, at least it keeps the grass off the boat!!!!


Jo Lodge said...

Some of the grass cutters do not mow the grass where boats are moored, in case they get shouted at. When on the Leicester Line, we were painting our boat and the man with the mower came to cut the grass, we asked him nicely if he would mind leaving the grass alongside the boat and he was more than happy too.
Unfortunately they will cut the grass come rain or shine, because of the contract they have. If they are given a stretch to cut for that day they have to do it, even if it is raining.
Hope they did not cause to much damage with the paintwork?