Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Torch at Kidlington

We left our lovely mooring early as the weather was good and to be honest we needed food. We had used up everything in the cupboards and would have starved to death. It always feels nice to be cruising again.
We soon made our way down through Pigeon's and Baker's lock where the Oxford canal meets the River Cherwell.
The board was just touching red but we decided to go for it. At idle and at five knots we bombed our way to Shipton Weir lock with relief.
We then turned into Thrupp where we spotted Maffi on n.b Milly M, then turned under the lift bridge where we got rid of our rubbish.
When we come here we can normally never get a mooring, but as we were coming out we spotted a nice fourteen day mooring where we just might get telly. The plan was to get water further down but the tank should go a few more days.
We then took a half mile walk to the Co-Op just up the road and stocked up with the standard items required. On the way up we noticed that the road was being closed at 3.00pm as the Olympic torch was coming through, Result! We got back to Derwent6 and then took a walk along to see Andy and Irene on n.b Kamili, but they had already left to turn for water. We arranged to meet up at the start of the torch relay, with flags in hand...
It was quite exciting with the crowds lining the streets and the touch bearer waiting for the flame to arrive.
We then saw it lit, and then off they all run through Kidlington, on their way to Oxford, followed by a procession of trucks and floats.
After all that, we needed a drink, and as Derwent6 was moored right outside a pub, it was rude not to try it. At The Jolly Boatman they have a lovely outside patio area which over looks the canal. We ended up having a meal there and stayed till 11.00pm. Maffi turned up to join us with dogs, Molly and Boots, so we were able to buy him that drink we promised during our oil filter problem.
We were lucky that we only had to stagger thirty feet into Derwent6

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