Saturday, July 21, 2012

On a Mission

Today we decided to make a dash for it..
The weather was dry for a change and we thought we would put in a long day.
We started at 8.00am and made our way back towards Oxford. We were on a mission, and this trip which had took us four weeks, a few weeks ago, we had now got down to a tee. We got to Aynho and topped up again with diesel.
We ploughed through Somerton Deep lock and then on our way to Lower Heyford. We should have noticed why they have so many poor signals here, you just have to look at their tv aerials and how high they are.

We got to the River Cherwell section and this time the boards were on red but we decided to go for it, well we'll have to get used to it if we are going on the Thames.
We then pulled into Thrupp at 5.45pm and managed to spot the mooring warden doing her rounds. "Are there any moorings about" we asked, "No" was the answer "but you can use that one over there if it's only for a couple of nights" "Are you sure" we said. You should have seen this luxury mooring, it had a washing line, a lovely garden with bird feeders and garden chairs, spoilt or what.... but we'll take it.. with a big thank you!!! We moored onto it and then just crashed out for the evening...

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