Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heavy Day but we have new crew

Because of the heavy showers and heavy night last night we decided not to move today. The day just started lovely but got worse as it went on. We had a BW man putting out some Mooring Reserved signs, but we're sure we will be moving on by then anyway.
We were also offered a lift to Sainsbury's and Al took the chance to pick up all the heavy goods like cans of drink, large soft drinks bottles and of course the beers. A big thank you to Andy and Irene!! In the afternoon we were met by Bernie and Hannah who had come up from Kent. Hannah was staying for a few days to chill out. While we were chatting Bones came by back off the Thames on n.b. Bones.

She was so pleased to be back on the canals as the Thames is still on red boards in some places, and after her crash on one of the bends. Bones wanted to have a drink with us all so we quickly shut down Derwent6 and walked up to the Boat Inn pub .
Maffi and Bones were waiting when we arrived.
We heard all about how it all happened and a demonstration with the river made out of beer glasses explained everything! Hopefully all things are in place to get it all sorted out. We heard the last orders bell and we walked back to Derwent6 and we all crashed out very quickly.

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Anonymous said...

With the weather forecasting rain till sept, you have to be mad to go on a river this year!