Friday, July 27, 2012

Pangbourne Meadows

 We left Beale Park early as the mist was still on the water. It was a lovely cruise past all the early rowers down to Pangbourne Lock.

After getting through the lock we were lucky enough to get a spot on the Pangbourne Meadows moorings.
We got sorted out and then walked into town to pick up some BBQ stuff. When we got back we fired up the BBQ and had a lovely sausage salad.
While we were eating the mooring warden came round and we wangled out of him a couple of days on these 24 hour moorings ( if you don't ask you don't get). Al used the opportunity to use the station and went into Reading. We have had temperatures of 41 degrees and we have been making the most of it. Last night we met up with Joy and Steve who met us in The Swan pub in Pangbourne. We had a lovely meal with them and a good catch up.

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