Friday, January 06, 2012

Trip to Daventry

We got a better nights sleep as the winds subsided a bit and the sunshine was out. Al was up early to catch the bus into Daventry. You can pick it up here at bridge 13 and two run every hour. It only takes about ten minutes to get into town. She did some shopping therapy just looking out for any bargains. Del did the roof brasses while she was away. Al got back to Derwent6 by 1.30pm and had brought lunch. In the afternoon Del cut up the wood on the roof and made up some kindling. The weather again started to turn (probably because Del did the brasses) and the wind started up again. It started to rain as it got dark and we had a night watching all the hits from the 70's on Top of the Pops, BBC four. Ahhhhh memories!!!!!!!

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Jo Lodge said...

Hi both.
Well we made it to Foxton and were told today by Bill we can go down Monday as the water levels are stable at the moment. So it all looks pretty good.
If your looking for wood along the way, there was a nice pile of sawn up wood at Crock opposite A.B.N.B, if its still there when you come through, other than that there is some along near Husbands Bosworth Tunnel if you coming this way.

Happy Cruising. Jo xxx