Monday, January 30, 2012

Pipe fitting recovered

We heard the creaking of ice as we got out of bed this morning. We could also see the swan's on standby for their morning breakfast. The ice was not thick, as you could see it rippling on the water, but it was still difficult for the ducks and swans. We then had an old boat which hadn't been painted or blacked for years break through the ice leaving a trail behind it. The sun was out and it was turning into a nice day, so Del went out on his bike to pick up the pipe fitting that broke the other day. He ended up in Braunston at Union Carriers. They couldn't find the plastic version of what we had but did manage to find a brass one which will be a lot better and won't go brittle through the winter months like the other one did. Del biked back along the canal and found it very hard going due to it being very sticky, but the ice had all gone though. He got back to Derwent6 at 4.00pm. Al had her head in a book for the best part of the day and enjoyed herself in the warmth of Derwent6. In the evening we listened to music............. still reading.

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