Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cushions collected

We had the threat of rain again with black clouds looming up on us, so we got up early as Al wanted a walk round the shops and Del walked to his secret stash of pallets for Kindling nearby, and quickly broke them up before it rained. We had a call yesterday saying our cushions were ready so we got the bus into Rugby and collected them. Chris (the guy who made them) kindly gave us a lift back to Derwent6 in his van, so we didn't have far to walk with them. We are so pleased with the outcome, and he did some other cushions as well for us. The weather was iffy all afternoon, and we wanted to move on, but the wind just got worse so we sat tight. Del wanted to get a new Antifreeze tester and they have a good little one in Halfords for just £1.99. So we listened to the radio in the late afternoon and chilled with a film in the evening.

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Anonymous said...

They look great,can't wait to sit on them!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx