Monday, January 23, 2012

Cruising with lots of nice people about!!

It was a lovely morning and a good day for cruising we thought... So Al walked down to top up our wine quoter before we set off. We soon got to Clifton Cruisers where we needed that pumpout we wanted yesterday. We were greated by the two lovely dogs they have. We were the first boat they had seen for a few days and were open arms to help us. We trickled up the canal till we got to the locks soaking up the scenery, sitting on our new seats on the stern. The locks were in our favour and we soon made our way through them. Someone had left these nice little memento's tied to the lock gates, there are some nice people about...... At the next lock BW helped us through as they were working on the lock next door. The guy helping turned out to be the nice lock keeper who used to manage Foxton Locks, so we stopped for a chat. We got to the top and thought we would soak up some of the sunshine, we had also caught up with n.b Oakfield and n.b Piston Broke, so we moored up just in front of them. We had our lunch out on our new cratch seats and were met by the girls Ann and Lynne walking the dogs. We just chilled in the afternoon in the quiet of the countryside and the sun beaming through the portholes till the sun went down.

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