Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye, Hello.

We got up late today (well it is Sunday) just in time to see Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield leaving. As they went into the distance Jaq and Les on n.b Valerie came by. They stopped for a chat and were enjoying some time to themselves and in good spirits.
After breakfast we did our separate jobs. Del prepared Derwent6 for the cold weather ahead and Al finished off the paper work we had collated on board. It's amazing just how many receipts you gather through a year.... We have decided to stay put through this next cold snap as we have everything we need. We have water not too far away and a shop just up the road, a pub if we need it and an Indian restaurant if we fancy a night out.. Why move!
Late afternoon we watched a film and then Al watched her Dancing on Ice and Desperate Housewives. We never got to bed till midnight......


Anonymous said...

Have a good week - lovely to speak to you this afternoon xxx
Z x

Anonymous said...

One of these days hopefully we can moor up near each other again and have you both over for dinner and a card game of Phase Ten. It was great seeing you both.
Stay warm!
Jaq & Les