Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buses, Kindling, Brasses and a Pub

We were up early as Al was going on the 9.45am bus to the Rugby big Sainsbury's with all the girls here at Hillmorton. After they had left Del got cracking on pallets we had, making two big bags of kindling. This is ideal for when we go back on wood in the spring. The girls arrived back at around 1.00pm and we had some lunch. Then Del did the brasses in the afternoon... In the evening we met up with Keith & Ann off n.b Oakfield and Paul & Lynne of n.b. Piston Broke at 6.15pm. We all walked up to the the Stag and Pheasant where we had a few pints and a lovely meal. It was good fun catching up with all the local gossip and taking the mickey out of each other. We managed to get back at 10.00pm just before it started to rain.


Paul and El said...

Hi Guys
What is the relevance of wood in the spring? Does this mean you burn coal in the winter and wood in spring? If so what is the reason?

Del and Al said...

Hi Paul
During these cold winter months we tend to use coal as it gives us a constant heat 24/7. Wood is great when you don't need your fire overnight and only need it part of the day. Well, it works for us!